Sunday, February 19, 2012

happiness is...

a saturday that is a spectacular 65 degrees. and a day that you get multiple dates with your hunny.

it all began with buttermilk pancakes. (sigh)
saturday's are our 'cheat' day on the diet... although this week we did pretty bad.
anyways, we enjoyed pancakes and delish maple syrup along with a pot of christmas blend coffee. making friends with the local bucks crew has paid off this year... one cold december day, david went in for his regular cup of christmas blend and the guy lets him in on the buy one get one day nearly approaching... so of course when that day came, we bought four bags and got four free! it was a heavenly day filled with pounds and pounds of tasty coffee bean! truly - if you haven't had christmas blend, you MUST try it next season!
we are down to the last bag. actually half way through the last bag. it's depressing. so that pot of coffee was pretty special to us.

after breakfast and couch lounging with the pups while catching up on our shows, we decided to hit the town. we got ready and headed into greenville to walk the streets and window shop. we ended up stopping at the local cupcake shop for lunch. (yes, cupcakes for lunch!)
chocolate bottom and salted caramel... i think so!
then we did some shopping and scouted out all the amazing sales. here is where i feel SO lucky to have the relationship that i have. while in a dressing room trying on amazing green silky blouses that i SO badly need (not)... i can text my husband knowing that he will give me his honest opinion. he also helps talk me out of un-necessary purchases, although those are far and few between.
we then went on our final date to the movies, and ended the evening back home with an adorable little bottle of wine we picked up at trader joe's for six bucks... cheap and delish!
i. love. saturdays!
and today was just as amazing.
totally different - there was no running around, but there was lots and lots of couch lounging and tv watching and pinterest surfing. oh, and blog writing!
weekends are just good. period.



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