Saturday, October 2, 2010

Los Angeles to San Diego

After a short 24 hours, I decided that David and I should someday live here... (he laughs because I do this everywhere we go).
The morning started with intelligencia, sitting outside sharing cups of coffee and conversation. I would really like to start every morning this way. We then spent a quick and very lovely hour getting pedicures! Yes, may man got a pedi with me... And he loved it - as would everyone!
We spent the afternoon in Griffith Park and the observatory. We picnicked there, under a lovely view of the Hollywood sign, which is also something I would enjoy doing every day.
We shopped for a while before getting ready for our VERY SPECIAL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks, this was Band of Horses Night!!!!
Mexican was for dinner - delish, and we made our way to the Greek theater for the show we've been waiting for. Our seats were grand, thanks to mark, and the show was fabulous, as usual!
To top it all... They sang detlef schrempf, our wedding song.
It. Was. Perfection.
seeing Band of Horses
Off to San Deigo...

After the show, we called it a night… for tomorrow held another busy day.
Mark saw Anita off to Greece, and we headed to Orange County to meet up with Butch, Sharon, and Billy for breakfast. I love them so freaking much! We chowed down, and then were San Diego bound for a spectacular ballgame. Yes, the Cincinnati reds stomped the padres. 12-2. Ballgame food consisted of many hot dogs for the boys, popcorn for me, and a shared foot long 'something made from heaven' between the hubby and myself. 
(somehow tasted like a cinnamon doughnut... Say no more)
After the game we hit the seaport area of San Diego for a couple magnificent views, then made our way back to LA to call it a night. We had to repack for our remaining trip to northern California!!!
Part two coming soon!


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