Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello California...

First, let me start by picking up from my previous blog... My dad. Results of the PET scan showed that the cancer has not spread, and is only in the lung and lymph nodes to the side of the lung!!!!! He is eligible for surgery and things are going grand!!! I couldn't be happier and that news completely made my trip!  He still has a very rough road ahead, but nothing that he cannot conquer!
(This blog is a back-track of our journey throughout the glorious state of California. Forgive me if I overwhelm you with a picture overload).
I spent three days in west Virginia before leaving for California, so when I arrived home at 7pm on Thursday, I had very few hours to pack and sleep before leaving for LA. We left home at 530 a.m. very excited for our destination! One reason I have a love for morning flights... the glorious views as the sun wakes the sky. 
Three hours behind our normal time, Los Angeles is alive!!! Leaving the airport and getting our rental car led us to our first surprise... An upgrade :-) we got ourselves a shiny red sports car... And we flew it straight to In-n-Out for a delish lunch! Double-double, animal style!!!!!! (all you vegetarians are dying at this point). 
We then met up with Mark, and relaxed a bit before meeting up with Anita for a night on the town. We had a another little pre-dinner surprise... Mark had shared a bottle of Dom Perignon with Anita on the night of their engagement, and saved a glass for us :) We sipped on that deliciousness, then made our way out. 
Dinner was at Ford's Filling Station, owned by Harrison Ford's son, and we had the best waiter EVER - Mark Hutchinson!!! :-) Our dinner was more like a feast – Salad, Mac n Cheese like I've never had before, and three different entrees that we all shared (devoured). A bottle of wine was emptied and the night ended around 12:30 (3:30 our time), so we were whipped. Bedtime came easy, and our first day in LA was one of greatness!

Me and Anita at dinner


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