Monday, April 26, 2010

best friends in the big city!!!

standing in line for Chicago tickets
Especially when you have a long distance relationship with your best friend, is a girls trip a MUST!
I haven't spent real time with crystal since she visited South Carolina in October for my birthday weekend. So... a discussion was had, a plan was made, and off to New York City we flew.  Two separate planes, two different arrivals, and one meeting place. Laguardia!!! I swear to god, it was just like the movies... two people running across an airport into eachothers arms, embracing in a forever- lasting hug. That was us! 
This was Crystal's first time visiting NYC, so I wanted to show her the must sees. We had three short days and we used every single minute to our advantage.

A few notable moments...
1.  Having frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity!!!
2.  Her first subway ride.
3.  Looking up and NEVER seeing the top!!!
4.  Shopping at Tiffanys.
5.  Eating in Little Italy. (and drinking)
6.  Seeing Chicago front and center.
7.  Eating at Mario Batilli's restaurant, sharing an amazing dinner 
and an even more amazing bottle of wine!
8.  Walking through Central Park.
9.  Seeing the Statue of Liberty.
10.  Being in my favorite city with my favorite girl!

We had the best time imaginable, and also have decided to try and make a girls trip as often as possible! She is really the best friend a girl could have :) 
at Rockafellar Center


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