Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One year down

I really can't believe we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Time really does fly. There have been so many changes for us since saying the 'I Do's'... like moving a month later, finding a house, getting a new car, starting new jobs. Lots.  So, we have decided to take anniversary trips each year, and alternate who plans. Guess who got the first year... me! Well, for those who know me, a surprise is just not my thing. I can't keep one, and if I know you are hiding something from me - I will investigate every possible thing I can until I find out! Anyhow... We knew this year our budget would permit us to stay somewhat close, yet have a lengthy stay! I chose Charleston, SC. We have been before, but never stayed long. I researched a million B&B's, but ending up finding a WONDERFUL little beach house off of Foley Beach. So we would get the best of both worlds, I chose this! Big Mistake. This amazing little house turned out to be a nightmare. With all due respect for the owner, when you advertise your property as the highlight of the block, never fail to mention that everything this house contains is from a junkyard. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a thrifty gal... I love hand me downs and transforming trash to treasure. But never my entire house. 
We made the best of it, laughed pretty much the entire trip, and drank bottle after bottle. We cooked meals and relaxed on the beach. 
It was our vacation, regardless where we were staying.
One of the highlights of the trip was visiting a local spot in Foley Beach called Bowen's. This place is the definition of a shack. Its an outdoor patio with picnic tables lining the middle of the floor. You are served oysters by the shovel.... yes, seriously. All you can eat. And we ate.

We walked the city of Charleston, visiting all the beautiful landmarks, dreaming of which house we would one day own (which is what we do in every town we visit). It really did turn out to be an amazing trip. 
Prior to the trip, I had read a review of a little shop downtown called "Cupcake." On the day of our anniversary, we decided to have our cupcakes! This is a tradition we will always try to maintain. So we walked the blocks until we landed at the door, ordered 2 of the most decadent red velvet cupcakes, sat at a lovely bistro table and enjoyed our moment. One year later... 
Lots and lots of walking. Went through the many gardens and historic home sites. Shopped a little!!!! I got my anniversary necklace and David got his anniversary hat! 
We went to Poogan's Porch, a wonderful restaurant that is well known for it's sunday brunch. When we entered, we noticed pictures of Marshall University hanging - the owners are MU GRADS!!!!!!!! So we were even more joyed to eat there! 

I immediately ordered a bloody mary. When it came out, i was surprised to see OKRA instead of celery. Gotta love the south. Even with the okra, it was delish.

Unfortunately, our vacation was nearing the end. We had soaked up every ray of sunshine and explored every inch of Charleston. With a great nights rest, we woke our last morning and hit the road to Savannah! I. Love. Savannah.

Moss. That is all i can say. It's the most beautiful thing ever! Trees are draped. Flowers are EVERYWHERE! It's a gardeners dream world!

Savannah Moss - a walk through the beautiful Forsyth Park.

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful and sweet husband.
It has been an amazing year!!!!!! 
And he is going to do so better than me next  year :) 


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