Monday, April 19, 2010

My baby boy is TWO!!!!

This is Oliver's birth month, and I just cannot believe that my boy is TWO YEARS OLD. 
I have never imagined a more perfect pup than we have in this boy. He is unbelievably sweet, so gentle, loves his mommy and daddy so much, and couldn't go a day without his Emme... just a perfect little (huge) boy. 
David and I worked with Dr. Bowen - and he knew we had been talking about getting a puppy. So one late night in the ER, he drove his truck into the ambulance bay with a truck-load of brand new puppies, and called us up to come out to see! Immediately, David picked one up. He cradled the precious pup in his hands - so small and fragile. And the puppy smell..... SOLD! We had picked out our very own baby boy, Oliver Hutchinson :) 

Little did we know what a job it would be having a puppy. Sweet and precious Oliver became a bit of a nightmare. I still loved him more than life, but my god - life was slowly ending for David and I. Everything was about this tiny little creature. Eventually that changed, and everything went back to normal. 
Two years later, and Oliver weighs in at 120 pounds. He is a monster. But so full of love and life. And I couldn't imagine a day without him.
baby Oliver
before growing into his ears :)
we call these his floppers!
my two year old boy
Emme and Ollie


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