Friday, January 6, 2012

what christmas really means...

christmas to me is all about family.
seeing all my nieces and nephews light up with every gift handed their way is priceless.
we have 9 nieces and nephews... nine! so there are loooooots of gifts!

this christmas i was ready to be home! i miss my family so much and anytime we travel home i am just filled with excitement.
here are some images of our family, and the joy we all share together during the holidays-
lauren getting cool-whipped in the mouth. my favorite thing about this photo is my moms face! hilarious :)
a christmas ornament that speaks volume. needless to say, there will never be a greater meaning to any decoration my momma displays!
the complete joy of my heart... ella, ava, lauren, ethan (holding amos), christian, and savannah.
my family. couldn't go a day without them. me, brooke, dad, mom, missi, and michelle.
brooke and derek, and their newest addition, amos.
amos sleeping on his momma's stocking... such a precious pup!
and my little christmas angel, emmylou. she thinks she is hot stuff when she gets to 'wear' anything... even if it is just a red velvet bow!
the sisters stockings... the same stockings since we were born. mine is the santa claus on the end and i love it so much! my mom does SO good filling our stockings, and always has. notice the philosophy boxes sitting in front of each one... see what i mean! there was also philosophy inside... doesn't get any better than that!
my love... on christmas, and every other day of the year!
nana jane and reagan baking gingerbread cupcakes... and oliver trying to help in any way possible.
beautiful reagan and her masterpiece.
aly, reagan, and ellie - all just the sweetest little girls!
 SOOOOOOO ready to open gifts!
skyping mark and anita and all the california family!

hope everyone's holiday was as fun as ours!


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