Monday, January 9, 2012

{weekend in savannah}

i. love. savannah.
and when you add the beaty's to a weekend spent in savannah... you have perfection! 

here a few reasons that i love savannah -
you can walk around town with a drink in hand. and by drink - i mean alcoholic.
the shopping is fantastic.
the food is even better.
savannah moss is the prettiest thing i've ever seen.
it's a 'haunted' town, so you can rent a hearse and take a ghost tour!

 this is sarah... she is completely fabulous, and she is pregnant with twins!!!!

shopping at the paris market. if i won the lottery, this is the first place i would go to decorate my home. it's a warehouse of fabulous home goods.

now to discuss the hearse tour. 
HERE is the website with all the information you will need. 
if you are ever in savannah and have the time to take this tour, ask for lunatic laura. 
she MADE the tour! even made pit stops along the way to stop for drinks! 
and here was our hearse...
{best. picture. ever.}
the ghost tour was definitely the highlight of our trip.
i wish every SINGLE weekend was a getaway with friends :) 
silly, fuzzy hats
love her so much!

hope this inspires someone to go to the lovely savannah, and take a ride in a hearse!


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