Friday, January 6, 2012

new home love.

we are settled into our new home and feel better now than we have since moving to south carolina. this home feels like a gift to us... at a time when we reallllllllly needed it. 
yes, moving at christmas and not having a tree was a bit sad, but we compromised and put this little beauty together - 
a three foot baby fir in a large pot sits beautifully on our screened in porch. we wrapped her with little sparkly lights and tied her branches with burlap ribbon. 
we have grown to love her, and she will be staying with us long after the winter season has passed us!

our porch has been the jewel of this house... 
we practically live out there, hot or cold. weather here has been pretty fantastic this winter, and today will be somewhere in the upper 60's... really loving that!
  the lighting from the setting sun makes staying out here all evening long perfection.
after the sun goes down, the winter chill does sit in - so we head indoors and cozy up next to the fireplace. (forget you ever saw that blue bag sitting next to my hubby!!!)
currently we are organizing all the 'stuff' that comes along with a move. we are arranging our mantle with lovely mercury glass and things we have collected along the way... choosing photos to display has been the hardest part for me. choosing the right spot to hang pictures, placing lamps... that sort of 'easy' thing in a new house - but loving every minute! 
we purchased the most adorable wall hooks on a recent trip to savannah (more to come on that) and have made the perfect coat shelf. i have had my eye on a pinterest project that requires steel wool and vinegar to stain untreated lumber, and let me tell you... aside from the stink - IT'S THE WAY TO GO!!! can't wait to share this one with ya'll! soon, i promise.

i truly hope everyone is settling into 2012... i have a feeling this year will bring great things!


A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Congrats again your your new home! And that porch of yours is just DIVINE!!! Happy Monday to you!!!


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