Friday, November 25, 2011


i hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving holiday.

yesterday, i spent 12 hours of my day working... but i can say that i am thankful to have my job. it is so hard being away from your family on such a great day. for the past three years, david and i have hosted our own thanksgiving dinner. last year we were able to enjoy the meal with some close friends, but this year it will just be us. so tomorrow we will spend the morning and afternoon preparing a thanksgiving for two.... i must say, im excited! a romantic thanksgiving - who would've thought it?!?!

on the menu -
turkey breast
crock pot mac n cheese
broccoli casserole
dinner rolls
a fantastic dessert

writing out all these dishes is making me feel starved already - but this entire week (including the actual thanksgiving day) we have been dieting. yes, who diets on thanksgiving day??? apparently us! we have started a low glycemic diet, like the four hour body/paleo diet. the first two days consisted of major cravings for sweets and starches and a constant headache. all that has gone away now and the amount of weight loss is incredible. you have one 'binge' day a week, and that will be our 'thanksgiving' dinner tomorrow... i am counting the hours until we begin preparing!

now it's time to concentrate on christmas... can't believe it's already time to put up the tree and decor! (even though i've been listening to she & him's new christmas album since the release date!!!) i actually had a shopping partner this black friday... my hubby!!! that's right. we left at midnight last night and shopped throughout the night. and i am VERY proud to say that already we have nearly 90 percent of our christmas shopping complete! yay!

really hope everyone had a great holiday.
i am so thankful for all the joys of my life!


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