Tuesday, November 8, 2011

because i love them so much...

i love my pups more than i could ever say in words. we spoil them and walk them and take them swimming. they both know when something is wrong and try to make things better. they know when they have done something wrong and try to butter us up with those sweet kisses and puppy dog eyes...
laying at the front door watching the world outside is where they love to be the most. i happened to catch this moment a few days ago, and LOVE how it turned out.
my sweet ollie and emme.
we are leaving for california tomorrow morning... have to be at the airport at 4:30 am... phew.
needless to say, our babies are being dropped off tonight at the kennel. i'm so grateful that we have a place so wonderful to keep our loving pups. play dates every day with all the other pups staying there... being spoiled by new faces...tasty new treats that they don't get at home...
oh the life of a pup!
they are way more excited to go than we are to take them... 

hope everyone has a wonderful week! we will be enjoying the warm(er) california weather and sharing in the celebration of marriage!
mark and anita are a perfect couple! and a los angeles wedding on 11.11.11 - well, that is just fabulous! 


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