Sunday, December 4, 2011

california love

there really is not enough time in the day... 
things have been crazy busy around here, but november and december always seems to be that way.
first was our fantastic trip to california.
then i worked three 12 hour shifts.
then i drove to west virginia to meet my family - arrived at 8pm.
left at 6:30am for columbus, ohio.... shopped for 14 hours straight! (this is normal for a day in columbus with the smith girls!)
slept for 8 hours.
drove to cincinnatti, ohio and saw wicked - AMAZING! it was my second time seeing this on broadway, but watching my sweet lauren's face was worth more than words could explain. 

here are some highlights of our trip to california. mark and anita's wedding was beyond imagination. it was perfection. the detail and the food and everything about it was just spectacular! it was exactly what i would have imagined a los angeles wedding to be!
so i had to share this photo - the night before the night of the rehearsal dinner we all got together at an amazing mexican restaurant with the MOST amazing margaritas... i would love to know how many drinks were made that night! between david and i stands sharon, davids cousin, which i love SOOOOOO freaking much! she photo bombed us! and it is hysterical because she always is aggravated with her sons for doing this exact thing... priceless!
the 'california' hutch family
adorable little girl shoes
we also got to enjoy some window shopping on rodeo drive -
i love this picture of ellie walking with david and brian! 
me and sweet ellie
my gorgeous husband in front of the beverly wilshire. 
california was amazing. only wish we could have stayed longer!


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