Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why I love a thrift store...

We recently moved into a new home closer to downtown... we also gained a third bedroom which will be great for weekend visits from friends and family. The problem is, no third bedroom furniture. Well, for those of you who know me - no room in my home will be left empty handed... Moving expenses can pile up quicker than a blink - so my budget limited by finding to thrift store bargains! And you will hear no complaints. I love love love finding trash and bringing it to life again.  So... with ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS - I began my search for furniture (minus a bed) to fill a guest bedroom. In a few short weeks and many frequent visits to local thrift shops (plus one Craigslist score) - MEET MY THRIFT ROOM!!!
(ps - bedding NOT included in the 100 bucks... though I wish it was.)
Step Nightstand and Wooden Chair
Both items were only TEN DOLLARS!!!!!
So, this night stand was in horrific condition, but for five bucks - who cares!!!! After lots and lots of sanding, priming, and then painting - it was brought back to life! New again... recycled!!!
before - a mess!
after sanding, priming, and painting.
adding hardware
looking absolutely lovely in the new room!
And now for the chair - this old thing was pretty beat up, and I kinda liked that! So I only sanded a bit to keep the natural old look before painting. 
yes, the chair was five bucks!!
AFTER!!!! With my hand sewn ruffle pillow :)
So, now we have a night stand and a chair for the new thrift room... but I had my eye out for a dresser to refinish... and luckily, I got a score on craigslist.
Meet the old dresser - for fifty bucks!
not bad for fifty bucks
this is the hardware I had to remove... they really had a
million different pieces... tacky!
hours and hours of sanding and filling holes...
then priming and painting.
all worth it in the end. 
I'm absolutely in love... it's the focal piece
of the entire room!!!
adding new glass hardware - still waiting on the
bottom pulls to come in.
the finished room - so cute and cozy! 
I really couldn't be more pleased and happy with how my room turned out! I can't wait for my first guest so come so they can enjoy it as much as I do :)
After purchasing the furniture, paint and supplies, then the glass knobs - I was right at my limit!  
Furnishing an entire guest bedroom for one hundred dollars.... not too shabby!


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