Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to the ocean we go!

I miss my family SO SO SO much. So an entire week with them is exactly what I need! My amazing dad said that this summer THERE WOULD BE NOOOOO BEACH TRIP! Well, of course he was bluffing, because my mom calls early in the summer telling me the week they booked the condo! My dad loves the beach, he just won't admit it! 
This week was filled with tons of fun. Seeing Christian for the first time in months, and being so surprised because he has NO teeth!!!! Seriously the cutest thing ever :) Getting a hug so strong from Ethan when he saw me for the first time - after pretending to be such a tough little guy... he can't fool me! And spending time with my beautiful baby girls, Lauren and Savannah... 
David and I jammed all the kiddos in the car one night and took them golfing. The girls parted ways to go see the new Twilight movie, and we took the boys for ice cream! My sisters and I (minus Michelle - she's very pregnant) went parasailing over the ocean - something we have been talking about doing every summer for the past ten years! That was an amazing moment... up in the air, seeing everything for miles - just us girls. An entire afternoon of sitting in a beach chair beside my mom, reading our books, with our chairs on the very edge of the water so when a wave comes, it just catches our feet. I miss these days so much and wish we could have had an entire month. There is never enough time. 
no teeth!!!
Lauren and Savannah being silly :) 
The gang
Savannah, Lauren, Christian, and Ethan
the most handsome boys in the world
Lauren Michelle - simply beautiful!
the golf gang
Lauren, Ethan, Christian, Ella, and Emily
The boys enjoying some ice cream
parasailing over the ocean


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