Monday, June 28, 2010

Finally - It's Beach Time!!!

Holden Beach, North Carolina.

Every summer, we have the pleasure of getting two beach trips, one with David's family and one with mine! I look forward to these weeks every year, but this year was an exception. Living away from family is extremely hard, especially when you have nieces and nephews that hold your very heart...
Our first week was spent with David's family - and I was more than excited to see Reagan, Aly, and Ellie!!!! There were also two new little boys in the family - Max and Sam. 
All the girls are growing like weeds!!! It makes me miss them all SO VERY MUCH. 
It's a ritual - The Sugar Shack in Ocean Isle, NC. Every year, we go. 
And it's the best meal we will all have for the entire year. 
The whole gang, and Marley SO HAPPY to be at Sugar Shack!!!!
at sugar shack
Loving her uncle David :) 
Until next year....


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