Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Patty Griffin rocks my world.

Before the show
There really isn't a word to describe Patty Griffin. Her voice is like no other and she can perform with the best of them. 
Last night, I had the honor of seeing her live in Charlotte's Knight Theatre. 
It was the kind of show that everyone needs. You sit in your seat and you listen. You clap, then listen again. And her words and her voice just mesmerize you. Yes, she is that good.
I would have been fine hearing anything she had to sing, but I did have high hopes that she would sing Heavenly Day. This is the song my husband and I walked the aisle to on our wedding day. 

Later in the evening, she did sing Heavenly Day.... and I cried. 
I had no idea where it came from, but I had real tears. It was the mood, and the feel of my husband clutching my hand, the words, and watching her sing it - but seeing my wedding day. 
It was overwhelming and beautiful!
For those of you that have never heard the song, (shame on you) - here are the lyrics.

Oh heavenly day,
All the clouds blew away
Got no trouble today, with anyone

The smile on your face, I live only to see
It's enough for me baby, It's enough for me
Oh, heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

Tomorrow may rain with sorrow
Here's a little time we can borrow
Forget all our troubles in these moments so few
Because right now, all that we really have to do
Is have ourselves, a heavenly day
Lay here and watch the trees sway
Can't see no other way, no way, no way
Oh, heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

No one at my shoulder, bringing me fear
Got no clouds up above me, bringing me tears
Got nothing to tell you, I've got nothing much to say
Only I'm glad to be here with you
On this heavenly, heavenly, heavenly day

Heavenly day,
all the trouble gone away
For a while anyway, for a while anyway
Heavenly day, Heavenly day
Heavenly day 


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