Friday, March 12, 2010

How to make a dog bed

In an attempt to get our pups off our couch so we can sit together.... I will make a dog bed.
What I bought.
1- An enormous pillow suitable for my pups.
2- 2 yards of fabric for the top of the pillow.
3- 2 yards of fabric for the back of the pillow. (and luckily, I found something very similar to the fabric of our couch and chair!)
4- Sewing machine.

I made this cover like a duvet - so I cut the bottom fabric in half, hemmed the edges and sewed the edges back together, making an opening for the pillow to fit in.
Placing the fabrics together:
Spread the bottom fabric, right side up, on the floor. Lay the pillow on top of the fabric, then place the top fabric on the pillow, right side down. Pin the fabrics together around the pillow. I pinned mine pretty good so it wouldn't fall apart when i pulled the pillow out. (impossible to sew with a pillow in the middle.)
Pull out the pillow and sew the edges together on your machine.
After all edges are sewn, turn your fabric right side out and VOILA - you have just made yourself a sweet dog duvet!

Hope your pups enjoy theirs as much as mine does :)

Emme loving her new bed!!!


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